VEGANUARY? DRY JANUARY? 5:2? Weight Watchers?


Happy new year! Ah, January. It’s a wonderful month… No, I’m not still full of Christmas ’spirit’, I mean it. It’s a clean slate. New year, new me and I am loving it already. January fills us with a determination that, through a new year’s resolution, we can break the boundaries of the last year and take on the world.  One of the biggest topics of our resolutions is fitness and health. But what’s the best way to make sure we can treat our body like a temple, find mindfulness and tackle life’s challenges like a superhero? Well, it may not be the answer to all life’s trials but we believe dance gives you the framework to be that superhero. It’s the cape, the utility belt, the abs, (the spandex) that make you look and feel the part. It’s like the gym…but fun.

 “Hey love, how was the gym today?”

“Oh, it was so good. We laughed non stop, time flew by and I hardly even realised I was working out because I had so much fun. Can’t wait to go back.”…said no one…ever!

Dance, however, is the purest, most fun form of exercise. Not only does it help you feel connected to your body as you get to know the way it moves but you work every muscle group without even realising it. Perfect example is when you go on a night out with your friends for the first time in a while, spend the whole night (and some of the morning) busting moves on the dance floor and then wake up hurting in places you didn’t know you had places. But you loved doing it, right? And the next time you hear music, human instinct will kick in and you’ll want to dance again. You don’t get that with the gym. You won’t come home after a hard session and suddenly think, “Let’s do some burpees, woohoo!!!”

Think of your Funky Moves teacher as a personal trainer who wants you to have fun, whose main goal isn’t to push you until you either cry or vomit. We’ll get that heart rate up, the muscles burning, the sweat pouring, the endorphins flowing and the smile growing. That’s right, we’re tackling mental wellbeing as well as physical health. We want you to enjoy your workout. I was in the car with my friend the other day and when a certain song came on the radio, she turned it off. “Oh, god, this is always on in my spin class. I get nervous just hearing it.” How sad is that? We want you to love the music you’re working out to. Hey, we’ll even take recommendations for next week’s playlist. More than a fitness class, we create a natural support group of people from all walks of life who each have a mutual goal to be healthy and happy, so after your workout you can catch up on your weeks, share life hacks and even new, healthy recipes you’ve fallen in love with.

When it comes to food, we’re obviously conscious of what we eat and put in to our body but at the same time we do love a bit of cake. To paraphrase Rag n Bone man, ‘We’re only human after all, don’t take the cake from me!’. After our Funky Moves Adult class on a Friday morning in Tooting, you can enjoy that Lemon Drizzle slice guilt-free. You’ve earned it. Work hard, play hard, as they say. That being said, the classic rule ‘everything in moderation’ must be observed. Cake, popcorn and chocolate may taste great but we all know they don’t offer us much nutritionally. There are so many treats we can enjoy that also offer us the nutrients we need to assist our progression and taste equally as great. Think of your body as a car. The more you drive it, the more fuel it needs and if we use the best fuel, the best oil, the best…screenwash, it will be much healthier for it and far less likely to break down. Unlike cars, though, everyone is unique and although we may know how certain foods can help us universally, it’s important that we listen to our bodies and eat a diet appropriate to our individual needs. The more we connect with our bodies and minds, the more we learn what we should put in them and then hopefully we’ll get more out in return. Also, please don’t drink screenwash.

When it comes to post-workout (or anytime) snacks, here at Funky Moves we’ve got some yummy favourites and we’d love to share them with you. Here’s our current, top 5:


Sweetpea Pantry Flapjacks – Delicious superfood for Super Families…we fed these to our kids at our last holiday course and they absolutely LOVED them.

Deliciously Ella Protein Balls – I always sneak one of these in after my classes and it never fails as a post exercise snack. And vegan friendly.

Happy Monkey Smoothies – Made for kids but everyone here at Funky moves loves them too. They are always a success at our holiday courses.

Emily Veg Crisps – A yummy vegan snack when you get that naughty craving.

Conscientious Cook – provided the delicious giveaways at our Family Vibes event last year. Check out what we have planned at this year’s Family Vibes!

As we enter the second half of January, if you are on a diet or exercise regime that just doesn’t make you feel good then STOP! Just come and dance with us and eat right. So make your diet about great foods, not starvation. Look to gain fitness, not lose weight. What even is weight? It’s just how hard we push into the ground. Big deal. It’s no secret that body image and weight is a huge issue at the moment as social media is putting so much pressure on looking a certain way. As we said before, we are all individual and so looking like your favourite member of Little Mix may be an unrealistic target as you might have a different body type, different dietary needs and no airbrushing facilities. Your body shape and size when you are at your fittest is the one you should look to achieve. That’s the weight you should be. That’s you at your most beautiful. This is a message we need to pass on to the next generation too. Your fitness isn’t a reflection of your weight, your weight is a reflection of your fitness. I’ve impressed myself with that sentence. Might make a meme of it. Add it to a picture of a sunset or something…