The Importance Of Learning To Dance


The responsibility of our children’s education and development can weigh heavily on a parent’s mind, yet how are we preparing them for the future, where perhaps, we have little idea what will happen?


We enter our children into an education system in the hope that they will gain life skills, be equipped for challenges, be socially and culturally aware, increase their knowledge of the world and most importantly be happy and fulfilled. In our modern educational system, our children are judged on exam results based mainly on academic subjects such as Maths and Science. Generally, the arts are given much less importance than academic subjects and as a result, as we are educated we can easily grow out of being creative. As our world changes around us we need to make sure that our children are ready to flourish in an ever changing landscape.  In the future, creative people will rule the world and all non-creative elements of life will be automated by computers, therefore we believe, there needs to be a shift in mentality in the importance of the arts and creative opportunities for children.


Dance is an element that, to me, has always seemed an essential part of growing up in terms of both body and mind. Our mind and body are not separate entities but are intrinsically connected in everything we do. By changing our body, we change our mind. All behaviour is state dependant and therefore, if we alter our state through something as simple as dance, we get to change our world. We all know the feeling we experience after dancing or doing some kind of fulfilling exercise and how life can feel and seem so positive. It would be a gift to offer this to children from a young age. Dance is an expression of creativity and individuality in a world where we are generally only measured on our academic achievements.  It grows a sense of genuine confidence which comes from within, rather than living up to label a child is given, ie. top of the class or class clown.

Dance can be a release from the challenges in life and a way to let go of day to day emotional challenges that kids may not be aware of, or know how to release. Dance gives kids a chance to let loose in a structured and nurturing environment, where the support of a top quality teacher is of paramount importance. There should be no ‘wrong’ with dance, which encourage kids to actively push their boundaries and resist the avoidance of failure. As Sir Ken Robinson said, ‘If you are not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything creative’ in his TED talk.



If every child was encouraged to feel secure enough to show their individual expression and to increase their creative output as they grow into adults, it is easy to conceive the positive impact it would have on our society. When one of the worlds most respected educators considers dance to be of equal importance as reading and writing, it could be time to take note and begin implementing dance into the daily lives of our children. Dance is an expression of creativity and creativity is as important as academia. As Sir Ken Robinson rightly points out, ‘Creativity is as important as literacy’ (TED talk 2006),  and the founders of Facebook, Amazon, Tesla, Google and a growing number of life changing companies also support this view.


Dance is a form of communicating, connecting, increasing confidence, fitness, coordination, balancing the mind, releasing tension and best of all, it’s fun!  Who wouldn’t want their children to dance?!



Our main priority is to pass on the joy of dance to the next generation through inspirational teaching and an accessible and popular style of dance.  Funky Moves provides amazing private and public classes, parties and holiday courses, mainly for kids, in a funky street dance style. We aim to provide a very friendly and nurturing yet structured and organised environment for all of our dance activities. Our team of teachers are all super talented professional dancers who have been trained to our seriously high standards of professionalism and inspirational techniques.  This means that the kids get a really high standard of dance vocabulary being taught from dancers who are still in the industry, which keeps Funky Moves always current and super cool. Our teachers treat the kids in an unpatronising and natural way, letting them into their fun and bubbly personalities while gaining the respect of the kids and keeping the discipline in the class.  The children know where the boundaries are and know what to expect from a Funky Moves class, therefore they feel secure and ready to grow in confidence whilst learning fantastic moves and grooves.  Funky Moves is an, efficient, friendly and creative company which is full of soul.