Summer is coming!

It’s time to party outdoors with our kids party packages!


The British Summer time has never been easy to predict, and yet it doesn’t stop us from dusting off the BBQs and unfolding the deck chairs each weekend in the hope that the sunshine will stick around long enough for just one glass of Pimms. The truth of it is, we’re prepared. Come rain or shine, or even thunderstorm, we Brits know how to keep the party going and everyone having a good time – and that’s why we’re saying, have your kids party outside this year!

Kids love to be outdoors anyway, but our Funky Movers have found that the fresh air and lack of indoor distractions, means the kids stay focussed and energised far more throughout the party. Our top quality sound systems means the music can be heard in large outdoor spaces and grass provides the perfect cushioning for any break dancing and floor work in the routine! Should a little rain decide to fall, the only person that ever seems to be concerned is the adults… the kids love it.




The adults are free to set up any food, drinks or activities stations inside the house whilst we take full advantage of the outdoor space in our high energy games. Plus, our super funky makeovers can happen outside too, meaning we can go even crazier with the coloured hairsprays!

Being outside, surprisingly seems to keep the kids cooler and calmer as they don’t have the confinements of four walls – not to mention the added bonus of being able to dance in bare feet, meaning no little toes get trampled on!

As other mums and dads come to collect their children from the party, you could offer them a glass of something fizzy and send them out to your very own al fresco performance space! Our party photos and videos always come out amazingly in natural light and doesn’t birthday cake always taste better in the sunshine?! You’ll be the talk of the school playground…

Should the clouds decide to break on the special day, so what! We are totally happy to carry on dancing in a little drizzle, or why not have a backup gazebo or the living room furniture cleared just in case. You’ll be surprised how quickly the weather clears up and the kids (and us!) are itching to get back outdoors.


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With our new and improved list of kids party packages to choose from including Funky Disco, Star Wars, Super Hero, Bollywood and Pop Party, you can guarantee there is something for every little Funky Mover… and if there’s not something that takes their fancy, then why not make up your own awesome outdoor theme!

Let’s take advantage of our beautiful outdoors these next few months and get our kids dancing to the latest Summer tunes with the wind in their hair! Visit our Parties page now and get planning your Great British Dance Off Party!