Well, I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been transported to the Bahamas this week. What a way to start the summer holiday break. I wish it always felt like a holiday instead of 6 weeks of pure PANIC!!! “What do we do? The kids are off for 6 whole weeks, help!!!

Well, Funky Moves to the rescue. We want it to be an awesome summer for you guys too so we thought we would come up with a few ways to keep your kiddies occupied this summer with some amazing activities.

  1. A DANCE A DAY – That’s right, everybody should be included in this…mums, dads, kids, even pets! Learn a dance, or even just one dance move every day of the summer break. This can be from YouTube, a music video or even a made up one!.Just stick to it… we guarantee you’ll be giggling in no time and spending quality time with all the family, perfect!
  2. DANCE COMP – Challenge the family to learn a really hard move and make it into a competition on who can learn it the quickest – check out dance moves such as the six step, the splits, the helicopter, the electro shuffle, a freeze, headstand, running man…the list goes on & on. Maybe find an impartial judge to pick the winner – a neighbour, a friend or even the local ice cream seller!
  3. ARTS & CRAFTS – This is definitely one to keep the kids occupied for a long time. If your theme this Summer is dancing/festival vibes then why not break up some recycled plastic and glue them on to an old football. Before you know it the kids have made their very own disco ball.
  4. JUST DANCE – Everyday pick a song and do 5 minutes of Funky freestyle, maybe in the kitchen while the dinner’s on.
    This is so fun it could easily become 60 minutes of freestyle. Don’t let the dinner burn!
  5. GRAFFITI CAP PARTY – Get your friends round, purchase some plain white caps and paints. Then paint away, draw pictures on your cap, your name, anything. You can even do this with a cheap Converse style shoe too. You can then wear them whilst busting your moves #funkymover
  6. FUNKY MOVES ACTIVITIES – Come and join us at our one day movie Dance & Art Workshops and our 4 day themed Holiday Courses. First theme is beach party and it couldn’t feel more appropriate.

You honestly cannot go wrong with dance activities throughout the summer. Dancing is a highly physical activity which has massive health benefits. Not only does it help build confidence, but it improves coordination, posture, range of motion, self-esteem, focus and just generally makes us feel AWESOME! Please just remember to stay well hydrated in this glorious heatwave.

Also, don’t forget we will be running our Funky Fit classes every Friday morning at Tooting Bec Athletics track throughout the Summer Holidays so you parents can have a little you time and SWEAT IT OUT.

We hope you guys have the best summer and we cannot wait to see you all & those epic dance moves!