I remember the first time I got dressed up for Halloween.

I was 7 years old and it was with my best friend, Sammi.

We decided to dress up EXACTLY the same.

Isn’t it funny when you were younger, you always wanted to look the same as your friends? My mum and I went over to Sammi’s house and both our mums did our face paint to help us look super scary. It didn’t quite work mind you, as everyone seemed to find us too cute to be scared! I just remember beaming from cheek to cheek and being so excited to get a bucket full of sweets to munch on. From that day on Halloween was a must.


The outfits got scarier and crazier, and the sweets got bigger and bigger!

I was walking through a supermarket the other day, checking out all the cool costumes they had. They were never that cool in my day. In fact, there were rarely any options to choose from. Every year, I remember my mum helping me put together the next Spooktacular ‘home-made’ fancy dress creation. HANG ON! Forget what I said about the ‘cool costumes’ in the supermarkets now, surely that’s what it’s all about… making your own costumes. It’s heaps of fun and an amazing family activity. A favourite is the old black bin bag… cut out a hole for the head, arms and legs and stick white bones on it to look like a skeleton. It always looked terrible. But so much fun to make!

Fancy dress is probably my favourite thing EVER (in case you hadn’t noticed). You can only imagine my excitement when Funky Moves announced we will be doing spooky fancy dress at our October Half Term Courses and Halloween Dance Party!

In addition to my funky excitement, this year I also get to celebrate Halloween with a new addition to my family; my baby niece, who will be almost 6 months old. I wanted to make sure she was prepared for Halloween with the best outfit possible so checked out the top 5 costumes this season, all available from Tesco!


Coming in at number 5:


Number 4:


Number 3:


Number 2:


Number 1:


I couldn’t resist…I had to buy her the baby PUMPKIN – stay tuned for a photo post-Halloween!

Are you costume ready for the scariest holiday of the year?

Written by Lara Baker