Silent Disco Parties have been around for a while now. Their popularity has grown hugely, with them featuring regularly at events throughout London, taking over tents at popular music festivals and even providing endless hours of entertainment at weddings. The concept is simple, each guest wears a pair of wireless headphones, allowing them to get transported to their own silent disco world!

But how does it all work?

There are a few different ways you can enjoy a silent disco with your friends and family!

Live Bands and DJ’s

Silent disco parties involving bands and DJ’s are popular throughout London, often with more than one artist performing at the same time. You pop on the headphones provided, decide which genre takes your fancy, tune in and party the night away!

But why choose a silent party over a regular gig?

  1. The mix is perfect – You’re listening to the exact same sound as the people performing
  2. Full volume control – You’re in full control of the volume, keeping your hearing well protected
  3. Never miss a beat – The music is with you ALL night, even when you pop to the loo!
  4. Save your voice – No more shouting over the music to talk to your friends, just remove your headphones
  5. Everyone enjoys themselves – A range of genres and styles are usually provided, meaning everyone gets to tune into their favourite music and dance like no ones watching!

Dance Fitness Classes

You can join us on a bustling rooftop this summer, headphone dancing to our favourite tracks, getting a full workout while thoroughly enjoying yourself! It’s easy too! Turn up, plug in and lose yourself in music and dance.

Our instructor’s headphones contain microphones, which allow us to talk you through the routines. It’s (probably) the most fun you’ll have working out EVER!

To find out more, or to book onto our next class, click here.

Children’s Parties

Children can join in the fun too! Kids simply love the novelty of a headphone party. They work especially well at fetes and mini festivals. They can dance away to their favourite tracks without you having to listen to them as well. Bye bye Bieber! With a few pairs of wireless headphones, you can even set up your very own silent disco at home. Encouraging them to dance their socks off for as long as they can! The perfect antidote to boredom over the summer holidays.

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