Street Dance

A fun, funky class featuring your kids’ favourite songs and moves. We’ll play games, learn a fun routine and maybe even a dance party trick to learn and show off as well. We’ll finish in the Funky Moves way - FREESTYLE!

Our Street Dance classes are fun, improve coordination and promote fitness.

Kids Yoga

A yoga class for kids of all ages! Parents are welcome along for the journey or you can leave your little ones with us to embark on a yoga adventure! Each week Jess will guide the class through fun and accessible postures that bring the story to life… meeting characters and visiting places whilst stretching, bending and having FUN.

Kids Fit

A fitness class for children of all ages!Challenges, games and super fun exercises make this fitness class a firm favourite amongst kids. Guaranteed to burn tons of energy, keep them fit and healthy and support a positive mindset, this half hour class is a fun way to top off a crazy or lazy day!

Funky Ballet

A fabulously funky introduction to ballet. This class supports the foundation technique integral to ballet, but with more emphasis on the joy of dance, than how deep your plie is. Rip up the rule book on dated piano accompaniment and get ready to point your toes to some seriously cool tunes. Super fun, high energy and lighthearted, make Funky Ballet inclusive and enjoyable for all.

Musical Theatre

The perfect chance for kids to ‘See Their Name In Lights!’ as they master a new Musical Theatre hit every online class. From Disney to Broadway and back again, our friendly MT professional nurtures the kids to sing and dance their hearts out, whilst having heaps of fun!

Customer Reviews

"Thanks so much everyone. Amelia and her sister loved this morning’s class and are looking forward to next Saturday!"

"So good!!! Thanks Lara, definitely got both my 3 and 6 yr old energised for some more homeschooling!"

"Hollie (8) and Charlie (2) love doing Funky Moves, They are engaged, love to have a boogie and bounce around to music. Vicki keeps them going the whole session and they love doing familiar and new songs with a new twist!!"