You love dancing right? Who doesn’t… whether it’s with the radio on in the kitchen, bopping along at a gig, being silly with the kids or after a couple of spritzers at the weekend. So why do most of us freeze up at the prospect of stepping into a dance class for the first time? We know we’re going to love it, we might not get all the steps at first, but the benefits are going to completely outweigh any embarrassment of not immediately mastering a body ripple.


Now, what better way to convince you to take the plunge and dance with us, than by handing over the blog reigns to a Funky Fit novice. Here’s what Gemma had to say about her first ever dance fitness class with Funky Moves…


I just LOVED my first Funky Fit class.


Think of it as a cardio dance class with some Pilates thrown in, like a cross between the most challenging Zumba class you ever did and how you dance in your kitchen when no one is watching…. but with much more sweating and less opportunity to accidentally snack!

Our tousled blonde instructor, Holly, broke every step down into easy, manageable moves and effervesced and rippled her way through the 60 minute class with unfailing energy and good humour, even though I was consistently at least half a step behind her.

And if looking at Holly’s perfect bottom wiggling through the salsa section doesn’t make you want to get into shape, nothing will.

Starting with 35 minutes of dance/strengthening cardio and ending with a routine, we fist pumped, top rocked and disco’d our way to exhaustion.

It’s the most fun you can have in Lycra-mix active-wear.


Convinced? Join us every Tuesday morning in Swiss Cottage, Tuesday evening on Tooting Common and Friday morning at Tooting Bec. Plus your FIRST CLASS IS FREE! Go on, you know you want to really….