Remember January? Remember our resolutions? Me neither. This year is disappearing as quickly as my self discipline. But then, to make a resolution to give up chocolate was doomed from the start! Our love is too strong and the universe wants us to be together. I hope you’ve been a little more successful with yours. Still, it’s the thought that counts, right? Actually, I should be proud of how long I did last. I managed to show a lot more restraint than normal. I think that’s actually a really important thing to consider – Ok, I didn’t achieve my goal, but I set a target and I tried. We should reward ourselves for our efforts, not punish ourselves for our shortcomings.

Motivation is the key to success and rewards will only keep our motivation high. That’s why this March is all about keeping it moving. So how do we do that?


Number 1: Yes you guessed it, one of the biggest contributions to motivation… EXERCISE! Everybody knows that exercise releases endorphins and just makes us feel gooooood. The more we work out, the more energised, centred and ready our body is to battle everyday situations. Plus those naughty food cravings take a step back, as your positivity begins to overpower the temptation to sin. But what happens if you don’t even have the motivation to get to the exercise class or gym? I think I may have just found the solution. Make working out a social event. Keeping fit can be made heaps easier by exercising in a group environment or with your besties. We don’t have to go at this alone. Let’s help motivate each other… and here’s how it could help you:

  • Working out in a group environment will challenge you – you see your friends pushing harder so you, in turn, raise your game… before you know it you’ll be counting each other’s six packs in the dance studio.
  • You don’t get bored, stuck in a routine of identical workout sessions… instead, you vary how you exercise to accommodate everyone’s tastes in the group.
  • You become a social butterfly! Hear the latest gossip from friend’s workplaces, plan girls’ nights out or secure the weekend’s babysitter all whilst pumping those muscles.
  • You get the chance to make new friends and engage with other like-minded people in a safe, fun and un-work/school related space.
  • You will have fewer skipped workouts as you are far less likely to cancel and let down a friend in the process.
  • It’s FUN. Just take my word for it.

Now I’m certainly not saying “don’t go to the gym by yourself ever again.” Exercise is exercise after all. But maybe think about working out in a way that gives you the best chance of succeeding and we happen to think that’s with a friend/partner or in a group class environment. If you are looking for ideas why not check out our Funky Moves Adult Class in Tooting every Tuesday and Friday morning!


Number 2: RECOGNISE YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. A massive factor in keeping motivated is knowing how far to push yourself to challenge you, but not injure or dishearten yourself with unachievable goals. Understand what things you need to work on but make sure you are also hugely aware of what you are AWESOME at. Just understanding yourself will improve your motivation. Every time you realise one of your strengths or weaknesses…give yourself a reward. You deserve it!


Number 3: SET A REASONABLE GOAL. Just the one though, you don’t want loads of goals as it just becomes unrealistic. But one goal will give you a direction to focus on. When you are confident with it think about making it public, even if it’s just telling one other person. By putting your goal out into the Universe, not only do you become more excited about it but essentially you have made a promise and nobody wants to break a promise.


Number 4: DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Have you ever said “oh I would love to learn how to do salsa”, or “learn French”, “play in a hockey team like when I was younger”? Well now is your time. “Just do it” like our good old friend Nike would say. Don’t be afraid of what anybody else around you will think, because if you love it then it should be back in your life.

Now I know I keep on going on about rewards and you must be thinking what does she mean? Well, let me explain. I recently attended a motivational session and rewards was a major talking point. It is something that we always forget to do. Say for example, you got yourself out of bed at stupid o’ clock, when you weren’t feeling great and it was freezing cold outside but you ran 3k – you deserve a reward, you deserve more than a reward you deserve a medal! Well, go and buy yourself that top you were looking at last month, or give yourself that lie in that you didn’t get the day before (those of you with kids, I realise this may be out of your control!) Your body and mind needs to know that you have done something great so rewards need to be put in place.

commonAs with everything, moderation is key. Don’t reward yourself too much…woooop, I went to Sainsbury’s….PASS ME THE REWARD CAKE! Ummm no…. but if your focus for the month is improving your fitness, and you make a real effort to do so,  then you MUST reward those efforts. It will give you the best chance of keeping motivated the following month. Hey, you can even reward the whole family after a day of chores…you can bring them all down to our Funky Moves Family Vibes event full of dance, games, fun, laughter, photos, dress up and more awesome families like yours.


So, before I finish, I have a task for you. Get yourself a jar, a jam jar/Kilner jar or anything similar, and every time you remember, write down a positive thing you did that day. This can be that you helped somebody, you made somebody laugh, you tried something new, or you did a great thing so gave yourself a reward. Fold it up and pop it in the jar. By the time we get to 2019, you will have an amazing keepsake of incredible achievements to keep you motivated for the next year… plus it will just make you feel AMAZING. Fingers crossed Funky Moves will appear at least once in your jar!

I thought I would end this blog on one of my favourite quotes…just a little something for you to think about.

“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.”

Stay Motivated in Motivational March!