The Funky Moves makeover has long been a favourite addition to our party packages, adding glitz, glam and the extra “cool” factor for the kids’ party performances. Whilst every boy and girl customises their own look to stand out from the crowd, our unique party makeovers have a few secret formulas to guarantee popstar perfection every time! And we’ve decided to share them with you… but sssh! Don’t tell anyone!

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  • Glitter: It might sound obvious, but girls of all ages love glitter. A sprinkling of the sparkly stuff along the cheekbone can really add a touch of ‘princess glamour’ to any ordinary makeover and here at Funky Moves we happen to think there is no such thing as enough glitter! Take your pick from our rainbow palette of glitter gels and watch our little funky movers transform from pretty partygoer to DISCO DIVA!
  • Jewels: If you are going to look like the Queen (or King) of Funky, you’re going to need some crown jewels… and we have just the thing! The glitter gang can take their pick from our extensive Funky Moves gem collection and add a splash of ruby red, eye-catching emerald, glittering gold or sparkling sapphire to their developing makeovers!
  • Hairspray: Now comes the really fun part – for the kids and for us! With a whole host of crazy coloured hairsprays on offer, the Funky Moves team are trained to make the kids’ hair look as cool, crazy and creative as physically possible! Spots, stripes, two-tone, dip-dyes… you name it, we’ve done it – and every now and then we’ll discover a new colour combo we just love and let one of the kids test it out on us! Purely for research purposes… obviously.




  • Gel: Boys, get ready to become a rockstar! With all the sparkly stuff generally appealing a little more to the girls at the party, Funky Moves thought it was only fair to give the boys their own funky hair transformations. Whether it’s spiked up to the skies or styled into the slickest Mohawk and then sprayed bright blue, the gel pit stop is a sure way to get the boys at the party feeling cooler than a polar bear’s toenails!
  • Added extra: Although we’ve let you in on our Funky Moves makeover secrets (remember… don’t tell anyone!), there is of course, always the option to add even MORE star quality to any Funky Moves party! Our custom-made Funky Moves temporary tattoos look so groovy and our cool colourful kids caps or super fun sunglasses are the perfect accessory for only the hippest kids in town! Make sure you see everything that is on offer by visiting our Party Extras page here.

Well there it is… our Top Five Secret Tips to a Funky Moves Makeover! Remember, keep it under your funky hat as our makeover teams are at the top of their game and don’t want the secret getting out… Next time you walk down the street and see a kid that looks too cool for school, with an explosion of red face glitter, silver sparkly jewels, gold and orange hair and a pair of crazy shades, the likelihood is… there’s been a Funky Moves party in town!