star32 Kids Private Classes

Funky Moves offers you the ultimate bespoke kids private dance classes. Our private classes can be any length of time and for any number of children, tailored confidentially to your family’s needs.

Both private sessions and group lessons are effective in getting kids moving and will improve their coordination, strength, flexibility, and confidence. Our kids private dance classes take place at your own home, so you don’t have to travel anywhere and you can choose a time, date and regularity that fits in with you and your lifestyle! Whether you have a small or large space we can get the kids funky and fit in a tailor-made class exclusively for them.

Suggested Kids Private Dance Classes:

  • A one-off session for a specific competition or event coming up – let us build your child’s confidence as we refine a routine for the school talent show or choreograph their audition dance for acceptance into a professional institute
  • An active, fun and friendly weekend exercise class – deter them from spending too much time on the ipads and let us get them moving and sweating with regular fun and creative dance workouts to their own customised playlist
  • A private funky after school club to keep the kids smiling and engaged until the parents get home from work – take it turns to host the class at your house and let us lead a pre-dinner disco to give the mums and dads the chance to do the after school ‘pick-up’ themselves
  • An individual tutoring session for a dance style not offered near you – from jazz, tap and musical theatre to salsa, commercial or locking, get your child one step ahead with regular technique training with a Funky Moves professional
  • Or you tell us! We have an array of styles available to you from our pool of incredible teachers. Let us know what you want your child to achieve or take from the classes, and what style/music they have an interest in and let us create the perfect private class for them and their friends
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