Best kids party theme ideas, the official low down on the best ideas out there!

For girls, boys, princesses and superheroes, here are some hot tips on how to master the latest party crazes for children’s birthday parties. So let’s get creative!

Superheroes Theme

Da na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!…. Or Superman, Spiderman, Ironman – you get the idea. It certainly never gets old to feel invincible and throw an eye mask and cape into the mix and you are officially the King of Cool. Lucky for us, breakdancing and Superhero skills go hand in hand (or foot in hand) so what better way to see in your 8th birthday than watching a transformer flip on their head and then teach you how to master the six-step with all your best friends. Add in a superhero cake, a fancy dress theme and some painted shoe boxes resembling Gotham and you officially have the ultimate Superhero party.


Neon Theme

A light-up party? OK, I’m in. Whether you’re wanting a Neon Vibes Dance Party with Funky Moves or not, thanks to Amazon you can officially make everyone and everything in your house glow in the dark for your next kid’s party. Make sure you have a space that can be totally dark (blackout blinds are best) and then go as crazy as you can lining skirting boards, curtain rails and door frames with stripped neon lighting. UV face and body paints are a great addition to any costume (and a fun makeover activity during the party) and if you really want to go crazy why not add a neon Graffiti artist to the mix and have the attendees collaborate on a neon mural for the birthday child!

Pop Princess Theme

It never gets old… Princesses will always be a popular party theme and pop music will always be the perfect party playlist for little ones. Why not mix it up a little though, and instead of going for a Disney character or Elsa, make your own ‘Pop Princess’ theme all tailored to your kid’s favourite song. Shake It Off? Can’t Stop The Feeling? Give everyone a popstar makeover with glitter and coloured hairsprays and get them to make their own colour in Popstar crowns with more glitter for good measure! You could play ‘pin the microphone’ to the pop princess (ala tail on the donkey) and even hire a videographer to film and edit them in their own Pop Princess music video!

Greatest Showman ThemeGreatest Showman Kids Party

The last few years have seen an influx of incredible family films with insanely catchy soundtracks, but none as popular as The Greatest Showman. Why not do something different this year and take the kids along to a circus class learning the skills that Barnum curated in his own shows. Don’t want to blow the whole budget? If you’re hosting it in warmer months, why not have the party in the garden and set up your own little circus areas for the kids with skipping ropes, juggling balls, hula hoops etc.. Want to include Funky Moves? Why not have a Song & Dance party where you can learn your favourite song from the soundtrack, put together a full routine and perform it for the crowds (friends and family) in your very own Greatest Show. Baker Ross crafts website has some fabulous Circus and Carnival themed decorations and accessories to make sure your house or venue really looks the business.

Rock Star Theme

Tie that bandana around your head, blow up the inflatable instruments and get ready to ROCK OUT with this awesome kids party theme. It’s all about the perfect playlist with this one… Queen, ACDC, School Of Rock. Why not buy some t-shirts and fabric pens and get the kids to make their own Rock N Roll Tops, or even easier just some scraps of material to make their own armbands and headbands. Be sure to have a decent set of speakers and some disco lights to create the perfect ambience, then get your entertainer to take the kids through a Rockstar workshop, perfecting headbanging, knee slides and air guitar!

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