How was your weekend? This was mine…


Friday: Funky Fit class in the morning. After work, home for a curry; naan, popadoms, the lot!
Saturday: Wine & pizza (and the odd tequila)
Sunday: Doughnuts, fizzy drink and other hangover fixes.


All of these activities did their job to some degree. They made me feel good. Most of them, however, only made me feel good in the moment. The feeling didn’t last. The curry was delicious and a lovely social meal but 30 minutes later my belly felt full and I just felt heavy and lethargic. The wine and Pizza – What a night! So much fun. Worth the pounding headache and sluggish Sunday? I’m undecided. Sunday’s sugary treats provided a wonderful high for all of 10 minutes but then plunged me into a deeper darkness than I’d been before. Percy Pigs are a gateway drug (to more Percy Pigs).


The only one of my weekend activities which left me riding its wave long after it was finished was Funky Fit. We shook off the calories, got seriously sweaty and sassy and I left class feeling exhausted, yet euphoric. When I came to teach my Funky Moves kids class in Barnes (one of my bounciest, most energetic groups), I was able to match their energy. The endorphins released during the morning session seemed to still be coursing through my body. My body and mind felt empowered.


So endorphins…what are you actually doing to me?


Endorphins “chat” to the receptors in the brain and reduce the perception of pain. They also trigger a positive feeling in the body. Studies have shown that this can lead to a 30% decrease in chances of suffering from depression. Regular exercise has been proven to not only reduce stress and anxiety, but to also boost self esteem and even improve sleep. HALLELUJAH!! Who doesn’t want a better night sleep? Work hard, sleep hard!


They say we should try to be active every day and do at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. That’s only 21.42857 minutes per day. What a piece of cake – something I regularly enjoy guilt-free after an adult class.


And you can too, if you come and join us every Tuesday and Friday morning at our Funky Fit Class in Hampstead and Tooting. We’ll enjoy smashing out 60 minutes of non-stop cardio with incredible music drops, insanely fun moves and a real feeling of accomplishment with a wonderful bunch of human beings. It really does make you feel free.


Fitness camp to keep healthy*SCIENCE ALERT* Did you know that if you were to do our workout in the sunshine, your skin would create vitamin d3 which is important to not only how your body works but bone health and metabolic function. Exposure to Sunlight also helps you sleep better at night and improves immunity and increases endorphin production. This blog is going to save you a fortune at Holland & Barrett!


Why am I telling you all of this? We have a treat for you. Funky Fit Wireless will start back up in April this year. You can even book your headset now before we get sold out.


Summer is coming, so let’s workout, feel good, eat cake and sleep well… living the dream!