Why dream to inspire? Inspiration is a fundamental building block of our development and progression as humans. At Funky Moves, we’re dreamers. We want to inspire people to move and to embrace the excitement, fun, teamwork and comradery that dance brings. That’s exactly why we became performers in the first place. Somebody inspired us once and now we want to do the same for others and as many people as possible. All of this led to us starting our new YouTube project


Yes, as you may already know, we have decided to take Funky Moves in to the BIG world of YouTube. You know, it’s not just for videos of cats and carpool karaoke, much as I love them. Did you see the one with the cat and the hoover where…sorry, distracted myself there. Back to us. YouTube is a platform for us to make new Funky Movers across the world by inspiring people in every town of every country in every continent. And we aren’t just featuring us teachers on our quest to inspire the world, this new project will use our very own Funky Movers from our classes right here in London. Our first video features 5 of our teens from our Teen class which takes place in Balham every Wednesday from 6:00pm – 7:00pm. 


But realistically, how many people could see our videos on YouTube. Well, did you know that YouTube has 1 billion active users each month. That’s a lot of people waiting to be inspired. These people are watching an average of 1.2 billion hours a day. That’s over an hour per person! So why don’t we try and make ourselves a part of that hour? After all, there’s only so much of James Corden’s singing that any one person can take, am I right?! If, somehow, YouTube has evaded you up to now and you have no idea what I’ve been rambling about, it is a video sharing service where users can create their own profile, upload videos, watch, like and comment on other videos. Simple as that! And as I said previously, it’s global.


The urge to inspire was just one of a few reasons to take on this YouTube project. Another reason was to make ourselves more accessible to those who for whatever reason can’t make our classes. Whilst we know there’s no substitute for coming to class and getting sweaty with your squad, it’s a great insight in to what we do and an introduction in to the Funky Moves Family


The third reason is, well, we want to show off! We want to show the world how amazing our kids, teachers and employees are in a way that makes people want to do it for themselves. 


So if you haven’t already checked out our YouTube page, follow this link and have a look. Most importantly, don’t forget to click subscribe. This will give you first access to each new video the second we drop it. The first instalment of our project is due to be released very soon, and by that I mean TODAY. Yes we are due to announce it at 6pm but in the meantime check out the rest of the videos on the page which feature past events and also some short tutorials. If you still haven’t learned how to floss, you really should check it out!


That’s it. Prepare to be inspired, and then maybe go do some inspiring yourself. Oh, and set a timer for 6PM this evening!