“The class is accessible, easy to follow and most importantly, great fun… Gets you out of the office and feeling like Beyoncé!”

Sophie Richardson, Lambeth

Warm Up. Get Down. Feel Good.

At Funky Fit, there is no pressure. Whether you want to lose some weight, get sweaty and sassy, kick-start your health plan or just have a giggle learning dance routines… then Funky Fit classes are perfect for you!

What’s included in a Funky Fit Studio class?

  • Cardio workout, stretching, toning and intense core exercises
  • Learning a fun dance routine to a chart classic
  • Amazing, inspiring and pumping tunes to keep you motivated
  • A professional, energertic, talented and lovely instructor
  • A friendly, welcoming and ‘no-pressure’ workout atmosphere
  • A great feeling of accomplishment each week as you grow in strength and confidence!

Funky Fit Wireless Classes

Why exercise indoors when the sun is shining outside!

  • Amazing al-fresco locations, including city rooftops and commons
  • Seriously pumping tunes as loud as you like in your own silent-disco headset
  • Fun fitness workout and super sassy choreography to a chart classic
  • Headsets that connect remotely to the instructor’s music and microphone, so you can bust those moves and sweat it out in your own silent disco world!

This Summer we are dancing outside every Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning…


Private Funky Fit Classes

If our public funky dance classes don’t fit in with your schedule, don’t panic! Our private classes for adults are the perfect way to kick start that healthier, happier you in a non-exposed and completely personal way. We can provide private one on one or group classes at any time, date and location that suits you.

Why could you book a Funky Fit Class?

  • You have an occasion where you will be dancing and need some practise
  • You’ve just had a baby and want to ease in to your exercise regime (in private!)
  • You have a fear of dancing that you would like to overcome
  • You want to have a choreographed first wedding dance to wow your guests
  • You want to embarrass the kids at the school disco with a ‘Dads Dance!’
Adult fitness classes with Funky Moves
Adult fitness classes, adult dancing
Funky Moves adult fitness classes outside
dance classes for adults with Funky Moves
Outdoor adult fitness classes with Funky Moves