Well, I don’t know about you but I feel like I have been transported to the Bahamas this week. What a way to start the summer holiday break. I wish it always felt like a holiday instead of 6 weeks of pure PANIC!!! “What do we do? The kids are off for 6 whole weeks, [...]

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My First Time At Funky Fit.

You love dancing right? Who doesn't... whether it's with the radio on in the kitchen, bopping along at a gig, being silly with the kids or after a couple of spritzers at the weekend. So why do most of us freeze up at the prospect of stepping into a dance class for the first time? [...]

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Keep Healthy, Stay Happy.

How was your weekend? This was mine…   Friday: Funky Fit class in the morning. After work, home for a curry; naan, popadoms, the lot! Saturday: Wine & pizza (and the odd tequila) Sunday: Doughnuts, fizzy drink and other hangover fixes.   All of these activities did their job to some degree. They made me [...]

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A festive boogie!

Ooooh I can see it now… Glass of Bucks Fizz in hand, smothering the roasties in fat and popping a triangle of Toblerone in my mouth. That’s me at 9am on Christmas Day. And no, I simply won’t feel guilty about indulging on 25th December, and neither should you. Christmas Day is the perfect time [...]

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Dream to Inspire

Why dream to inspire? Inspiration is a fundamental building block of our development and progression as humans. At Funky Moves, we’re dreamers. We want to inspire people to move and to embrace the excitement, fun, teamwork and comradery that dance brings. That’s exactly why we became performers in the first place. Somebody inspired us once [...]

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Learn Easy Kids Street Dance Steps with Funky Moves!

Want to learn easy kids dance steps?  Well, stop what you’re doing right now, go and grab the family and come dance with me. Our TOP 4 beginner dance steps are super simple and are great to bust out at a party, show off to your friends, or even just as a little workout down the shopping [...]

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Funky Moves at Camp Besitval!

Hold on to your wellies…   Repeatedly voted the UK’s Best Family Festival, Camp Bestival is the ‘sister’ of Bestival, both organised by Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank. It is an all-encompassing experience for families; super cool pumping music and top-bill comedy for the adults, awesome shows and creative areas for the kids, plus [...]

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Remember January? Remember our resolutions? Me neither. This year is disappearing as quickly as my self discipline. But then, to make a resolution to give up chocolate was doomed from the start! Our love is too strong and the universe wants us to be together. I hope you’ve been a little more successful with yours. [...]

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Not Another Weight Loss Blog…

VEGANUARY? DRY JANUARY? 5:2? Weight Watchers? WE JUST DANCE AND EAT THE FOODS THAT MAKE US FEEL GOOD! Happy new year! Ah, January. It’s a wonderful month… No, I’m not still full of Christmas ’spirit’, I mean it. It’s a clean slate. New year, new me and I am loving it already. January fills us [...]

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Dance, And All The Awesome Benefits That Come With It!

Do you ever have that moment where you realise you are home alone so you put the music on loud, and I mean blaring loud, and you just DANCE! Dance like nobody is watching you, because nobody is watching you. I’m not going to lie to you, I do that a lot! I think everybody [...]

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