Not Another Weight Loss Blog…

VEGANUARY? DRY JANUARY? 5:2? Weight Watchers? WE JUST DANCE AND EAT THE FOODS THAT MAKE US FEEL GOOD! Happy new year! Ah, January. It’s a wonderful month… No, I’m not still full of Christmas ’spirit’, I mean it. It’s a clean slate. New year, new me and I am loving it already. January fills us [...]

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Dance, And All The Awesome Benefits That Come With It!

Do you ever have that moment where you realise you are home alone so you put the music on loud, and I mean blaring loud, and you just DANCE! Dance like nobody is watching you, because nobody is watching you. I’m not going to lie to you, I do that a lot! I think everybody [...]

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A Trip Down Spooky Memory Lane…

I remember the first time I got dressed up for Halloween. I was 7 years old and it was with my best friend, Sammi. We decided to dress up EXACTLY the same. Isn’t it funny when you were younger, you always wanted to look the same as your friends? My mum and I went over to Sammi's house [...]

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Silent Disco Parties – Have You Tried One Yet?

Silent Disco Parties have been around for a while now. Their popularity has grown hugely, with them featuring regularly at events throughout London, taking over tents at popular music festivals and even providing endless hours of entertainment at weddings. The concept is simple, each guest wears a pair of wireless headphones, allowing them to get [...]

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Science classes won’t future-proof our children. But dance might.

Christina Patterson, journalist at The Guardian, reminded us once more today of the importance of creativity, physicality and more specifically, dance in all our lives, but particularly our children’s. As it’s announced that Prince George will be attending Ballet classes at his first school in Battersea, the spotlight is once again (hoorah!) on the developmental [...]

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We Are Family!

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it, Funky Family? Sorry for our silence in the bloggers’ world (we’ve been totally busy with a new rebrand, website, International events, social media parties… the list goes on!). But we are back with a brand-new rap and ready to chat all things dance with you on a regular [...]

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Best Kids Dance Videos Ever!

There have been some absolutely cracking videos flying round the internet of late, so we wanted to compile some of our favourites for you to browse on the long commute home or whilst the baby takes a nap. This little list of awesome, funny and impressive YouTube clips pretty much sums up why we love [...]

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Mum, Dad, you’re SO embarrassing!

There comes a time when the inevitable words leave your little one’s lips and leave you feeling cold… “Mum, go away, you’re embarrassing me”… “Dad, can you drop me round the corner from the school so my friends don’t see you”… “Mum, stop dancing, you look so old!” Some of you might be lucky enough [...]

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A Funky Step Over The Final Hurdle

  A Funky Step Over The Final Hurdle   This year, as you all know, we’ve been celebrating ten whole years of providing unique, cool and current dance activities for kids of all ages. But there’s one accolade that has really put the cherry on top of the cake, and that’s winning the Kallikids 2015 [...]

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My Time at Funky Moves

My Time at Funky Moves Hi! My name is Flo, I am 11, and I have spent 5 fun years at Funky Moves dance classes for kids. I have seen many good dancers come and go, but there are still a few members that I have danced with for half a decade. I have encouraged my school friends to [...]

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