Ooooh I can see it now… Glass of Bucks Fizz in hand, smothering the roasties in fat and popping a triangle of Toblerone in my mouth. That’s me at 9am on Christmas Day. And no, I simply won’t feel guilty about indulging on 25th December, and neither should you.

Christmas Day is the perfect time to treat yourself and those you love. Whether that be sipping Prosecco at an otherwise worringly hour of the day, eating chocolate for breakfast, cheese for lunch and four helpings of roast for dinner, or having the almighty ‘leftovers sandwich’ at 11pm even though you are still totally stuffed… That’s the point of it being a treat. You don’t do it every day, so we say, GO TO TOWN FUNKSTERS!

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do a little bit of moving and shaking around the Christmas Tree to help offset some of the indulgence – and what better way to burn off at least some of that bread sauce than with a boogie! Here’s some little suggestions for how you can get the whole family shaking their sparkley stuff this year…

Wake up dance

If you’ve got little ones you will no doubt be up before the Sun has even risen, so why not give yourself the best chance of sharing the kids’ levels of excitement by having a big family festive freestyle to start the day! Put on that Mariah classic (as seen in our latest YouTube video) and dance around the Xmas tree with the kids. They’ll LOVE your enthusiasm and you’ll have a free shot of endorphins to kick start the mammoth day!

The kitchen radio

Crank that bad boy up! There is always at least one person in the kitchen doing the cooking, so when your favourite festive hit comes on, turn up the volume so you feel inspired to twist on down as you check on the spuds, and shake it on up as you season the veg!

 Embarrass the kids and have a giggle

Christmas wouldn’t be the same in my house unless Dad did something embarrassing… whether it be telling a cringeworthy joke or not quite mastering the gracious acceptance face of an unwanted gift. But it’s all part of what makes the day so memorable. This year, why not challenge the kids to a Flossing competition! It’s harder than it looks, and the kids will relish in the fact they will definitely be able to do it 100 times faster and better than you…. And can Granddad master it too? Priceless. You can even dance along to our Floss-teaching YouTube video as a whole family (or secretly master the move by yourself beforehand if you’re uber competitive).

So there’s a few ideas to keep you dancing this festive period. Why not make it your own little personal mission to have that quality time smiling, laughing and sharing the joy of dance with your family at some point on the 25th December. Here at Funky Moves, we are all about positivity, energy, passion, love and of course, family and what better way to celebrate that than with a household freestyle at Christmas.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our awesome new Christmas Music Video to get you in the mood!