A day in the life of a Funky Mover….


You can always guarantee that a dancer’s day is never the same as the one before, with last minute castings, fittings, classes or networking opportunities rearing their head at any moment. Our Funky Movers are all working professionals in the dance industry, and so when they are not sharing the Funk leading classes and parties for us, they are doing everything they can to take that next step in the professional dance world. Here’s a sneak peek into what one of those diverse days may look like.


“For me, the morning always starts with an alarm. I think it is a big misunderstanding that self-employed people have lie ins… I haven’t seen a lie in since I left Dance College! I like to make a fruit smoothie to give me a kick start and then settle down in front of my laptop to check my emails. Sometimes I can wake up with one thing scheduled in for the day, and by the time I’ve checked my emails that morning and viewed the class schedule at Studio 68, end up with a full day of dance ahead of me! Those are my favourite days…

If I don’t have a morning class or an audition, I will head out for a run, just to wake my body up, and then feast out on some runny eggs for breakfast!

After that, it’s normally time to pack my kit bag for the day. There’s nearly never any time to pop home in between dance jobs/classes during the day, so making sure I have everything I need for teaching (ipod dock, Funky Moves wristbands, registers etc..) and jobs (audition outfit, sheet music, towel etc) is essential. I head to Pineapple for a morning casting for the latest Calvin Harris release and pick myself up a sandwich from one of the coffee chains round the back of Pineapple, in case I get asked to stay to the next round. I do. Hurrah! The first round of 80 girls gets cut down instantly to 16 and we are all asked to stay and learn an additional part of the routine. There’s also a section where the casting director and choreographer ask us if we can do any tricks… luckily for me, having grown up in a gymnastics background, I showcase my tumbling across the floor with backflips and twists – and that seems to impress them. We are all thanked for our time and told we will be notified later that day.

I crack open my chicken and avocado wrap from earlier and devour it on my way to the tube, as I have little time to spare as I make it across to West London to teach my Funky Moves Private Class for two brothers. This is genuinely one of my favourite times of the week. Having such great one on one teaching time with these boys, it is so clear to see how much they grow in confidence in week, and concentration! From a slightly apprehensive start to their private classes course (I think they thought it wasn’t the “cool” thing to do)… they now have at least four mates from school that want to join in and have told them no, because it is their thing!

We are working on a routine to the latest Pitbull track and the boys love the chance to show me their favourite ‘break dance’ moves, so I refine what they have showed me and we add it to the routine. We manage to finish the choreography this week, so will spend the following week tidying up everything and getting them looking super funky and then do a performance for their family to show everything they’ve achieved this half term. I mention this to the boys and they ask if they can wear “cool” outfits for the show, which I encourage, and tell them I will bring our Funky Moves coloured hairspray to add to their Street Dance performance makeovers! “Ah, yes… it’s gonna be wicked,” they tell me.




After their class, I head to grab some dinner with a friend and get a call from the casting director at Pineapple informing me I have the job for Calvin Harris, and that filming will take place this weekend from 8am-10pm, both Saturday and Sunday. THRILLED! I write it in my diary straight away and call my mum and sister to let them know. Mum is slightly confused at first when she thinks I have got a job with Calvin Klein (oh, mum…) but with a bit more explanation and some singing from me, she understands who it is and lets out a great scream down the phone.

They say that dance jobs are like buses, nothing for a while and then two come along at once… Shortly after that call, I get another call from a dance teacher Vicky confirming that I have the job as her substitute for 6 weeks of classes at Pineapple teaching Urban on a Sunday from 4-5pm starting next month.. Amazing! It is always such a relief to get a job that (a) has some longevity in it, (b) doesn’t clash with any of your existing commitments and (c) helps to further your career. I feel very grateful that today’s job news has been all three.

Full of excitement, I head to my last appointment of the day, and some ‘creative me’ time at Studio 68, attending Zoe Marsh’s contemporary class. I check my emails as I walk in the door, and see one from our Funky Moves manager, Jess, letting me know a client has requested me for an 8th birthday party in July. I hit reply straight away and confirm. It’s great to finish a busy day like today with breaking a sweat, releasing some emotion and being expressive. I try and get down to Zoe’s class as much as possible as I love her teaching style and routines, plus it’s great to catch up with the friends I have made there, and congratulate everyone on whatever their latest jobs are.

I head home a little tired, but very content. Take a bath to soothe my muscles, have a nice hot cup of tea and get an early-ish night. Ready for the alarm to go off again tomorrow and another crazy, unique and exciting day to start!