My Time at Funky Moves


My name is Flo, I am 11, and I have spent 5 fun years at Funky Moves dance classes for kids. I have seen many good dancers come and go, but there are still a few members that I have danced with for half a decade. I have encouraged my school friends to join this funky club, and a few have. I have also brought some friends along to the free tester session, that you could try any time!

A close friend, who I would always trust, introduced me to Funky Moves. She and I came along to one of the holiday classes, where we watched Grease, then learnt a routine, which we performed to our parents after. I instantly fell in love with it, and the cool, funky teachers. I was 6 when I started classes, and all the dances from that moment on are safely stored in my head.

At Funky Moves, you prepare for a performance that happens at the end of the term. You perform two dances, taught by two teachers. Every week I would finish, willing the next session to come as soon as possible. I just couldn’t get over how friendly and patient the instructors were, always waiting for everyone to master the move. At the beginning, I felt intimidated by the mass of unique members that would crowd round me. But that is the first week for you! As I got more confident, the crowds of people became smaller and smaller. They were all brave and confident, and would take up a freestyle chance like lightning. I was more into the routine; I liked boundaries. But my brain soon filled with cool moves, which I had to let loose! I loved Funky Moves, with it’s cool groves, and I hope you will to!