We Are Family!

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it, Funky Family? Sorry for our silence in the bloggers’ world (we’ve been totally busy with a new rebrand, website, International events, social media parties… the list goes on!). But we are back with a brand-new rap and ready to chat all things dance with you on a regular [...]

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Best Kids Dance Videos Ever!

There have been some absolutely cracking videos flying round the internet of late, so we wanted to compile some of our favourites for you to browse on the long commute home or whilst the baby takes a nap. This little list of awesome, funny and impressive YouTube clips pretty much sums up why we love [...]

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Mum, Dad, you’re SO embarrassing!

There comes a time when the inevitable words leave your little one’s lips and leave you feeling cold… “Mum, go away, you’re embarrassing me”… “Dad, can you drop me round the corner from the school so my friends don’t see you”… “Mum, stop dancing, you look so old!” Some of you might be lucky enough [...]

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A Funky Step Over The Final Hurdle

  A Funky Step Over The Final Hurdle   This year, as you all know, we’ve been celebrating ten whole years of providing unique, cool and current dance activities for kids of all ages. But there’s one accolade that has really put the cherry on top of the cake, and that’s winning the Kallikids 2015 [...]

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My Time at Funky Moves

My Time at Funky Moves Hi! My name is Flo, I am 11, and I have spent 5 fun years at Funky Moves dance classes for kids. I have seen many good dancers come and go, but there are still a few members that I have danced with for half a decade. I have encouraged my school friends to [...]

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Summer is coming! It’s time to party outdoors!

  Summer is coming! It’s time to party outdoors with our kids party packages!   The British Summer time has never been easy to predict, and yet it doesn’t stop us from dusting off the BBQs and unfolding the deck chairs each weekend in the hope that the sunshine will stick around long enough for [...]

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A Day In The Life…

  A day in the life of a Funky Mover….   You can always guarantee that a dancer’s day is never the same as the one before, with last minute castings, fittings, classes or networking opportunities rearing their head at any moment. Our Funky Movers are all working professionals in the dance industry, and so [...]

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The Importance Of Learning To Dance

  The Importance Of Learning To Dance   The responsibility of our children’s education and development can weigh heavily on a parent's mind, yet how are we preparing them for the future, where perhaps, we have little idea what will happen?   We enter our children into an education system in the hope that they [...]

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Funky Moves Presents…..Festival of Funk!

  Funky Moves Presents Festival of Funk!     FEBRUARY 1ST 2015 2:00 - 5:00pm All ages The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD     London’s favourite dance company, Funky Moves, are known and loved for providing unforgettable dance events for parents and kids all over the capital. Are your kids feeling jaded with the long wet days of [...]

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An Open Letter To The Funky Moves Family

  An Open Letter To The Funky Moves Family Dear all, We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everyone that has been part of the Funky Moves family this year. Kids in our classes, the parents who bring them, our loyal Twitter and Facebook followers, teachers, management and everyone in between… Thank [...]

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