There have been some absolutely cracking videos flying round the internet of late, so we wanted to compile some of our favourites for you to browse on the long commute home or whilst the baby takes a nap. This little list of awesome, funny and impressive YouTube clips pretty much sums up why we love teaching kids to dance…. Their enthusiasm, passion and sometimes ‘uniqueness’ is everything that is right with the world of dance and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – ENJOY!

(1) How to steal attention at the local dance show

This clip of little Johanna, aka Miss Sassy Pants, has us in absolute hysterics every time! The other kids in the show are understandably a little more sheepish in their execution of the choreography, but in the words of Johanna’s dad who’s filming the whole thing, all we have to say is… “You go Boo Boo!”


(2) How to dance like no one’s watching

This video of a tiny boy on an Asian talent show is almost too cute to bear. His memory for all the different choreography is pretty darn impressive, not to mention his funky little outfit. Prepare to have your heart melted.


(3) How to be a superstar before you’re 12 years old

This live performance of Sia’s smash hit ‘Chandelier’ on The Ellen Show is a mind-blowing reminder of the talent that exists in kids who dance from a young age. The young performer, Maddie Ziegler, rose to fame on Lifetime’s reality show, ‘Dance Moms’ and was subsequently snapped up to appear in countless videos from Sia’s album. Needless to say, she has a bright future ahead of her.


(4) How to be a dancing diva

This video clip from an episode of ‘America’s Got Talent’ is more singing than dancing technically, but the diva-ness is second to none. Little Heavenly Joy (what a name!) is only 5 year old, but already has more celebrity attitude in her little finger than some mega stars. And that vibrato! I think we may have a new Mariah Carey on the cards…


(5) How to be the coolest kid in town

This little dude is cooler than an ice lolly… His natural rhythm is crazily impressive, and the ease at which he executes the routine is at a level we can all aspire to. With tap seemingly becoming a less popular dance form for kids as time goes on, it’s refreshing to see a video showcasing just how cool the style still is.